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We create soap that is free of artificial or synthetic colorants or fragrances.  Our soap is created with all natural, high quality ingredients.  Many products available are full of unnecessary, toxic chemicals that your body doesn't need.  We maintain our standards of purity, yet still offer a variety of products.  The pH level is tested on every batch, so you know you're getting the most effective and gentle soap possible.

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About me

          My name is Kelly Hansen and I started Simple Soap, LLC.  I live in Florida with my amazing husband and fur babies.  I'm also a middle school teacher.  For a while, I've trying to live a more natural, simple life with fewer toxins and chemicals.  The more I've researched chemicals and additives in our food, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene products, the more passionate I've become about eliminating them.  Cancer and infertility effect so many people, and I wonder how significant the link is between these toxins and the problems.

          I've always loved good smelling soap.  There are so many yummy scents, especially around the holidays.  I didn't want to lose them, but I did want to lose the chemicals.  So after researching different oils, flowers, and plants, I've created bars of soap that smell amazing, and are good for me.  Some of the ingredients I use are from my own organic garden.  I know they can't get any fresher, and are the best of quality.  I hope you enjoy my soap as much as I do.

  • Although our products are all natural, some people may react to certain ingredients.  Some people have allergies to certain materials just as some have food allergies.  Just because it's natural doesn't mean it works for everyone.  If you do notice skin irritation, stop using the soap immediately.
  • To prolong the use of your soap, store in a dry place or away from free standing water.
  • Some essential oils, like peppermint, are not safe for use during pregnancy.  Always ask your doctor about product safety during a sensitive time.

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